Wednesday, September 12, 2007

opened doors

WOW... I just cannot get over how good God is and has been and will always be. Even the times in the recent past when I have been tempted to believe otherwise, He has shown me (later) that His will IS perfect, good, and pleasing and even in those times I cannot understand what in the world He's thinking, He eventually humbles me into oblivion and reminds me that He is sovereign and I end up begging forgiveness for NOT believing it in the first place.

I am just thinking about all of the doors that He has opened through something that made me feel like all of the doors had been slammed in my face. I have been able to spend a month of my summer in AFRICA(which easily includes the top 10 best times of my life) instead of doing summer classes, able to move into a new apartment and live with some great girls that I otherwise would never have known, able to spend another semester learning/fellowshiping with RUF, able to spend more time in the same city as Ben, one more year to spend growing and learning before entering the 'work world', possibly a whole semester spent back in Africa, more great friendships, more sense of belonging in Athens,etc. etc. So, when I thought the best thing for me was to spend this year at MCG, God said "not so much... I've got different plans" and He did and they are so much better than I could have ever imagined. I am blown away.

He is just great and I am loving to watch His plan for my life unfold... I want to be 100% HIS to use wherever, whenever, and however He sees fit. Hold me to that!

"Contentment is essentially accepting from God's hands whatever he sends because we know that HE is GOOD and therefore it is good." JI Packer