Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Oops... saw this coming!

Gosh... school stinks right now. It it the end of the semester and that means an unpleasant time for procrastinators like myself! Everything I have been putting off, putting off, putting off is HERE all of a sudden! Yikes... so, spending noon-3am studying/working and still not feeling like I've even put a dent in all my work (that is due tomorrow, mind you) makes me wish I was in Kenya already. Once all of my work is turned in, I will return back to the "savoring every last minute with friends/family/Athens/a shower/reliable electricity/a car/etc."

Things I miss and cannot wait for:

-the simplicity of having just the basics and being ok with that
-going to bed when the sun goes down and waking up when the rooster on my window sill wakes up (with the sun)
-those beautiful smiles that shine so bright, even without the help of dentists/orthodontists
-the worship....there is absolutely nothing like it in the world.
-smiles through tears
-teaching the kids silly "American games"
-being made fun of for my, apparently awful, Kikuyu pronunciation
-playing soccer in a muddy field, in the rain, shoeless, and with a ball made out of plastic bags(trash) bound with rubber bands
-laughing non-stop
-"I want... I want..." "My mother and your mother...." "1,2, make a circle..." "mr willy willy willy...." games/dances with Havilla/Daraja friends!
-the hospitality
-the excitement of taking/being in pictures and then seeing yourself on the screen
-chipati, chai, madazis
-chopping up kale until my hands are blistered
-picking potatoes out of the field...
-tucking the kids in at night!
-seeing the kids RUN home from school for lunch... and RUN back just in the knick of time for more class
-"try and fail, but never fail to try again" being repeated every time someone gives a wrong answer
-small group
-tons of other things i'll list later :)